since 1979
The beginnings of the company „MAREK” date to back to 1979 located in Secemin.
The first toys were: glockenspiels which found interest in kindergardens, and schools.
From 1981 company moved to specially prepared rooms of owners family house in Częstochowa, where it increase production, the new items appeared such as chromatic xylophones, maracas, castanets, drums.
At that time starts new direction of production: furniture accessories as inserts for pipes and profiles, handwheels, fused bolts, regulators of height, feets.
From 1997 production moved to large production building of 2000 sqm at Żyzna Street in Częstochowa where it was possible to enlarge production, and to create better workplaces for our employees.
We offer wide range of more then 50 different toys, mainly music toys (chromatic xylophones, glockenspiels, metallophones, maracas, castanets, drums, music plates, tambourine). To didactic toys belong logic blocks with digits and letters, pyramids.
We also produce big barrow for sand, tracks. Another direction is toys which can be used in advertisement, such as jo-jo, flying plate (Frisbee), click-clack, fans trumpet, whistles.
Now we concentrate more on enlarging furniture accessories items. We develop new kinds of regulators of height with the governor shield, also new types of feets, handwheels, and fused bolts for big pressure (for shop and warehouse furniture).
The long presence on polish market, trust and reputation among the clients made it possible to find buyers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, and Germany where quite big part of production is exported.
It is worth to mention that “MAREK” is the significant sponsor of the Czestochowskie Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Szkole (an association which purpose is to help schools in Czestochowa) and benefactor of a number of occasional prizes and donations for kindergardens and schools.
The new base, from 1997 r.
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